At Digital Renovators, we want everyone to have beautiful websites. Whether you are a one-man band, or a large company, websites are vital to your business.

We know that there’s a lot of jargon out there. Words, phrases, terminology that web agencies like to throw around which you might not understand fully. And that’s why we’ve created this jargon buster, to make sure that when you have your website built, you know exactly what is happening.

Domain Name

If you think of your website as your house, your domain name is your address. It’s unique to you and your business, and it is how people can find your website. For example, our “address” is


Back to the house analogy, the hosting is the electricity. You pay for electricity for your house and you can use your appliances. You need to pay for hosting for your website to be live and your emails to be delivered. Otherwise your website won’t be live on the internet, and then no one can find it.


Plugins are extras that are ‘plugged in’ to your website to allow for extra features such as taking online payments, or pulling reviews through from google.

A plugin is much like a table,an added piece of furniture in the house for extra functions, but not always needed.

Updating websites

There are two ways to update a website. The first way is to keep putting new content on your website to show your customers you are still there.
Much like tending to the front garden so it doesn’t look abandoned.

The second is updating your technology. Much like updating an app on your phone. This makes sure that your website is secure, and prevents hacking. Updating your website is like closing your windows and locking your doors when you leave the house. It doesn’t guarantee security, but it increases your safety significantly.


Hacking is when someone maliciously tries to attack your website, through malware or viruses. It’s much like someone breaking into your home. It’s vital to update your website to reduce the risks around hacking.

Virus Removal

Agencies can offer virus/malware removal, which is a pest control service for your website. They will go into the website and remove the virus, just like going room to room and removing the wasp nests.


We’re very excited to announce that we ourselves have a shiny new website. Packed full of case studies, blogs and it’s constantly being added to, we’d love it if you checked it out.