This month we can learn a bit more about Mark, owner of West Vale Fisheries.  This shop has regular customers from Halifax and Lindley for the fish and chips that are served in a box. The box keeps the freshly battered fish hot and crispy, even after a 10 minute journey home! (as experienced by the editor).  Let’s find out more…


*   How long have you been in the fish & chip business?

I previously owned hotels and bars and moved over to Fish and Chips in 2001 when I bought Brackenbed Fisheries on Pellon Lane. I also own West Vale Fisheries and Mr Chips at Ovenden.


*   What’s the best bit about your job?

I love meeting and greeting customers and making friends with my regular customers.


*   What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I go to the gym every day, this is my relaxation and where I socialise.


  *   What’s your favourite drink if you have one

I love a daily large Latte with 3 shots, with honey to sweeten it, from Nero’s in Halifax.


*   Favourite food

I still love my mum’s Lamb Casserole best of all!


*   Favourite local restaurant / pub and why

I live in Huddersfield now, so like to visit an Italian restaurant called Primo as I really like Italian food.




*   What’s been your most memorable experience?

I have two: My first was spending the day and evening with George Best and our wives, we went to Manchester and had a brilliant time.  He was sober the whole day! My second was spending 2 hours sitting with Mike Tyson, he told me lots of stories about his life and even showed me photos of his children on his phone.  Amazing!


*   Favourite Book – why?

My Favourite book is Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom.  I respect Mandela and the everything he stood for.


*   Desert Island Disc?

Frank Sinatra – I did It My Way!  It’s my theme tune really!



*   What’s at the top of your ‘must have’ experiences list still to do?

I really want to visit Mohamed Ali’s final resting place in Kentucky, USA.  I never met him and couldn’t get over to the funeral so I would like to pay my respects to him at the cemetery.


*   Do you have any hidden talents?

I used to play football when I was younger, for the Halifax Reserves when Halifax Town FC was in the the 4th division of the league.


*   What excites you most about Halifax this coming year?

It has to be the opening of The Piece Hall, everyone’s talking about it! I hope it brings lots of people to the town and prosperity with it.


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