This month we caught up with John & Lesley who own and run The Big 6 Pub in Savile Park. John has worked there for over 30 years, with 22 years as Landlord, making him one of the Halifax’s longest serving landlords. They’ve sponsored football teams, fundraised for charities, run popular quiz nights for years and years! The Big 6, is thought to have been originally opened in 1852 by John Horsfall and opened as “The Bowling Green” in 1857. It became “The Big 6” in 1894 and the rest, as they say, is history!

What’s the best bit about your job?

When the atmosphere is buzzing and everyone is having a great time there is no better feeling. It sounds corny but our customers are the best thing, as they provide the variety and atmosphere that makes the pub as good as it is.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

We love walking our 7 year old Jack Russell, Marmite when we aren’t working. If we get a few days away, then we’ll go caravanning. John: A sport I’ve played for years and quite enjoy is Racquetball

What’s your favourite drink if you have one

John: If not beer, then a fine malt whiskey would be my choice

Favourite food

Lesley: We don’t have a set favourite, but John is a good cook. We are currently working our way through The Hairy Bikers Curry Book

Favourite local restaurant / pub and why

We really enjoy La Luna, they do a really good Steak & Chips and now know to hold the trimmings for John

What’s been your most proud moment or achievement

Personally, seeing all our four children grow up to be so wonderful, lovely and successful. Professionally it was being able to buy the pub from the Punch Group five years ago. John: I am also really proud of Lesley and everything she does. I honestly don’t think the pub would be here today if it weren’t for her (Surprise Lesley! She didn’t hear this part)

Favourite Book

Lesley: We both love crime novels. My favourite book at the minute is ‘Life After Life’ by Kate Atkinson.

John: The one I’m reading at the time! I think if I was forced to choose though it would Two brothers by Ben Elton

Desert Island Disc?

We both love Desert Island Discs and always listen to the podcast.

John: Roger Waters ‘In The Flesh’ is great

Lesley: Billy Joel ‘Scenes From An Italian Restaurant’ for me. In fact, we love it so much we are going to Billy Joel perform it at Madison Square Garden this year!

What’s at the top of your ‘must have’ experiences list still to do?

Travel. We definitely want to travel and will take the caravan across Europe making sure we stop in Italy. We’d also like to visit Australia… though we’ll leave the caravan at home for that trip!

What excites you most about Halifax at the moment?

John: While it easy to focus on the negative, Business rate increases for example, Halifax is going through a rejuvenation. Whether you look at the new micro-brewery and craft beer pubs opening or what’s happening at Dean Clough, it certainly looks good. The Piece Hall of course is what most people are anticipating, so it will be great to see it opening this year.

Big 6 address: 10 Horsfall St, Halifax HX1 3HG Phone: 01422 350169  Search Big 6 Halifax