In my last article I mentioned that one of the sessions we will be running at Ogden Water on Friday 11th May is applique. This month’s article is an applique project you can complete at home.

Applique is the method of applying smaller pieces of fabric onto a larger piece of contrasting colour or texture. We are using ‘raw-edge applique’ which means we sew the pieces down without finishing or turning the edges.

Our project is a needlecase and pincushion with an appliqued sheep, hill and flowers.

You will need :-

2 pieces pale blue felt (9×9”)

1 piece olive green felt (9×9”)

Scraps of white, black, pink and purple felt

Embroidery threads – greens, blue, white and yellow

4 small white beads

Embroidery needles

Sharp scissors

Pritt Stick

Small amount of toy stuffing

Templates: at the end of this article


To make :-

Cut the blue and green felt squares in half so that you have pieces  4.5 x 9”.

Use the templates to cut the remaining pieces.

Take one of the blue pieces and fold it in half, the will form the outer cover of your needlecase.

Place the green hill on the bottom of the front cover. (Tip :- to stop the applique pieces moving around when you stitch them you can apply a small amount of Pritt Stick glue to the back of each piece to hold them in place.)

Using your green threads make randomly placed straight stitches over the hill area to represent grass.

Position the sheep’s body, head and legs on top of the hill. Sew the head and legs down with a running stitch around the edge in black thread. Attach the body with running stitch in white thread and add some French knots for texture.

Using a finer needle stitch the beads in position for his eyes.

The flowers are worked with a centrally placed French knot in yellow thread, and the stems and leaves in green straight stitch.

The applique is now finished so you can begin to make up your needle case. Put one of your pieces of green felt behind the piece you have just worked, this will form the lining of your cover.

Once again you can use a little glue to hold the two pieces together. Trim them so they are exactly the same size and then work blanket stitch all around the edge, I used green along the lower edge of the hill and blue around the remainder.

Cut two of the remaining pieces of blue felt so they are slightly smaller than the cover of your needlecase, these will form the pages. Place the cover face down with the ‘pages’ on top and work running stitch down the central fold. Your needlecase is completed !

To make a matching pincushion take the oval piece of pale blue felt and work the applique and embroidery as you did for the needlecase. Place this on top of the oval piece of green felt, don’t glue them together this time as you need to be able to fill this with stuffing, (try pinning them). Work blanket stitch all round the edge leaving a gap so you can fill the pincushion with stuffing, then continue stitching to close the gap.

Note :- The materials to complete this project are available from The Fabbadashery, Clare Rd, and The Sewing Box, Borough Market.

I am running a course on Wool and Felt Applique from my studio in Croft Myl, Halifax on Sunday 27th May 10 – 4, £45 which includes all materials and tuition, plus morning coffee, lunch and tea and cake. See the contact details below.

RaggedyAnnie runs courses in a variety of textile techniques from her studio in Croft Myl, Halifax. See her website or Facebook. Courses can be arranged to suit you, for groups of 2 – 12 people.

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