It might seem a bit odd to choose a poem about rain for the month of August, but we do live in the Pennines after all and have certainly had our share of rain this summer! And sometimes, after a spell of hot weather, rain can be blessing. Caroline Hardaker’s short poem is both beautiful and meditative and I love both the skilful use of rhyme and the detail about her grandmother at the end.


The Rains

Each raindrop contains a soul
I’m told and sleet is nought
but the urgent need of the dead to meet
their loved ones once more in the mortal world.
To stroke their skin, to leave a living trace;
a tear drop–a thin, translucent meridian.


My grandmother never used an umbrella
and would tip back her head and eat the rain.
She said it made her feel alive again.


Taken from Bone Ovation, published by Valley Press.

Caroline Hardaker’s ’s poetry has been published worldwide in numerous magazines and anthologies. Her first poetry collection Bone Ovation was launched in 2017 by Valley Press, and her second Little Quakes Every Day will be published in winter 2019. Caroline’s also worked with various organisations and community groups to advocate the holistic benefits of writing and making.More about Caroline can be found here [email protected]