This month’s poem is by Anne Caldwell, a poet I had the pleasure of meeting when we performed a reading together in Bradford. I have warm memories of that evening and am delighted to include this beautiful and uplifting poem which is aptly entitled ‘March.’ We can start thinking about spring at last!



You’re kneeling in the borders.

Above your hat, four terracotta pots like coronets.

Snowdrops are sucked mints,

Narcissi shoots spiking the flower beds.

The underside of everything’s turned over:

fresh earth, worm casts, spiders’ nests.

Water shimmies in the trough

and pirouettes all over your yard.

The bench is too wet to sit on yet.

The broom is bright with yellow buds.

The lavender’s wired with dried-up heads

but it’s re-sprouting.

You’re quick as a vole. Giddy with lengthening

daylight hours as you clip the yew.

The lane winds up the hill –

ribboning the unfenced moors.

Taken from Painting the Spiral Staircase, published by Cinnamon Press.

Anne Caldwell is a freelance writer and education specialist. She currently works for the Open University as an Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing and is doing a PhD. More information about Anne can be found here