We’ve been invited by Liz Kenny, editor of SGD, to contribute a monthly update on the goings-on at our radio station. Many of you will have heard of us, we’ve been on 96.7 fm since 2006.
In this first article, we’d like to let you know more about what we do and why…At Phoenix fm, we have always prided ourselves on is being able to see the change in our volunteers, once they have been given an opportunity to express themselves. Over the last year,we have supported individuals with additional needs, be they a physical disability or mental health matters. Often these people are those who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves on the outside of the community, isolated from the mainstream.
We work with 2 local SEN schools, the William Henry Smith School and Ravenscliffe High School. Several Secondary Schools use the station to offer work placement experience as well as requesting individuals, who may be experiencing problems at school, to come to us for alternative education. Very often the young people have the opportunity to be a part of our broadcast. The Voices & Influence project, which includes young people in foster care or care leavers have worked on audio visual projects and the Tough Times Reference Group, another young peoples’ project, have benefited from creating similar projects. Children’s Mental Health Week ran from Monday February 4th until the 11th, 2019. In partnership with Calderdale Council, Phoenix Radio worked together to raise peoples’ awareness of the issues affecting young people and created a platform where their voices were heard. Guests from various organisations came in throughout the week.
This was the first time we had worked in partnership on such an important issue and has since been extended to other youth projects as a way of getting instant vox pops for our Youth Show. As well as our commitment to young people, we also work closely with the DWP through Job Centre Plus and we offer work placements for older unemployed people. Community Radio is ideal for older people who have their roots in the community to be able to rebuild their confidence after redundancy or ill health. We have always seen this as a way of combating isolation and depression.
In the past, live links from the Halifax Minster have very often been focused around Christmas services but this year through another partnership, we have developed a series of live broadcasts including Refugee celebrations, commemorating St Augustine’s 50th Anniversary, Remembrance Sunday, Centenary event live mixed with pre-recorded poetry and background information prepared by local historian David Glover.Phoenix Fm serves as a voice for community groups to be promoted throughout the area; a goal the Skircoat Green Directory appreciates and aims to provide too.
Everybody can benefit from a radio station with a community base at it’s heart which is why it’s a great idea to partner with the magazine to share our news with another audience.
Together, we aim to build bridges and bridge gaps throughout Calderdale.