It’s a fact that at various times in our life we will have to re-invent ourselves whether we like it or not. The choice won’t be ours to make, and it occurs during illness, bereavement, separation, job loss, bankruptcy and a plethora of other life-changing situations suddenly thrust upon us.

It can be quite shocking at first, and alongside accepting this new ‘new,’ we’re also tasked with having to re-invent ourselves to best cope and accommodate these changes.Our old self may not be able to handle this ‘newness’ but once re-invented, most of us have the ability to think and behave in new ways so we can learn to live within these new situations.

Following an enforced and unwanted change, you need time if possible, to allow yourself to go through the emotional pain, in order to let your mind and body start the healing process.You need to really feel the ‘low,’ because believe it or not,some day in the future you’ll feel equally ‘high.’It’s often during our most tortured moments we learn the really powerful truths that can transform and set us free.

If you are currently going through a process of big change and having to re-invent yourself,then have the confidence to trust the choices you are making. Listen to others who’ll want to advise you but don’t be co-erced by them. Even if you’re at an all-time low right now,don’t think you are not capable of re-invention. Even at our most depressed, we can start making waves in the right direction without even realising we are doing it!

Have faith in yourself and learn to TRUST your decisions and life choices. It’s when we trust our gut that inspirational things happen.

Marica x

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