As Halloween is a big date on the calendar for a lot of people, including me, I thought I’d design a textile project on this theme for October !

Rather than the hassle of carving a pumpkin which only lasts a few days, why not make a Halloween themed decoration in fabric ? You will be able to hang this in the window every year ! I call these ‘Raggy Wreaths’ and have several different ones which I hang up, depending on the time of year.

You will need :-

A wire coat hanger or a length of wire of a similar thickness

Scraps and remnants of fabric in orange, green, black and purple (you can recycle items of clothing !)

Orange and black felt

Small amount of toy stuffing

Orange and black embroidery thread

Green ribbon (8mm wide, 30cm length)

Orange ribbon to decorate top of wreath

Embroidery needle (chenille needle)

Sharp scissors


Template for the felt pumpkin (see end of article)

To Make :-

Take your coat hanger or wire and bend into a circle about 30cm diameter, leaving the hook as a hanger. Cut or tear your fabrics into pieces measuring about 2.5cm x 15cm, you will need about 180 pieces.

Starting at the top of the wire loop tie each piece of fabric on with a single knot, leaving ends of equal length. Work your way around the wire pushing each piece tightly up to the previous one.


Continue until the entire loop is covered then fluff out the fabric pieces to give a nice full wreath. Cut a strip of fabric about 40cm x 2cm, glue the end of the strip over the end of the hook. Wrap the fabric around the hook and glue at the base of the hook.


Pumpkin :-

Using the template shown below cut out paper patterns for the pumpkin and features. Use these patterns to cut out two pumpkins in orange felt, and two lots of facial features in black felt. Stitch the face in position on both outer facing sides of the orange felt pumpkin using black thread. Put the two pieces of orange felt together with the faces on the outside. Stitch around the edge in orange thread, leaving a 5cm opening at the top. Stuff the pumpkin with toy stuffing. Stitch the hole closed and attach the green ribbon so that it forms a loop at the top.

Place the loop of green ribbon over the wire loop so the pumpkin hangs centrally in your wreath. Attach a bow to the top if you wish.

Hang in your window !

See you next month, Love Annie


I am running a half-day workshop making these wreaths on Monday 30th October from 1-00 ‘til 4-00 at my studio in Croft Myl, Halifax. This session costs £25 for adults and £15 for accompanying children, this includes all materials plus tea and cakes.

To book on this or any of the other textile courses I run get in touch via my website , , or email me on [email protected].

Courses can be arranged to suit you, for groups of between 2 – 12 people.