Gingerbread Man

This month I have designed another stitching project for you. I thought this cute little Gingerbread Man would be a good project for November and bonfire night. He will also look good adorning your Christmas tree next month!

You will need :- How to make a gingerbread man with Annie Lancaster

A 9’’ square of rust coloured felt

½ metre white ric rac braid

1 skein white stranded cotton embroidery thread

2 x 1cm black buttons for eyes

3 x small red heart buttons

½ metre 8mm wide red ribbon

Small amount toy stuffing

Embroidery needle

Sharp scissors


The template printed on this pageGingerbread man template by Annie Lancaster

Tracing paper

To Make :-

Trace the template from this page [you may wish to enlarge it on a printer, if you are printing this off at home-Ed] onto tracing paper and cut out. Fold the piece of felt in half, place the paper template onto the felt and draw around it with your pencil. Cut out the two layers of felt together so they will match each other perfectly.

Take the top piece of felt and following the template design place the two black buttons in position for the eyes. Stitch the buttons in place using three strands of the white thread.

Place the heart shaped buttons on gingerbread man’s tummy and stitch in place as above.

Cut the ric rac braid into four 8cm lengths. Put one length across the top of the leg on the top piece of felt. Place it so that there is an even amount of braid overhanging each edge. Stitch in place with running stitch (see stitch diagram) in 3 strands of white thread. Fold the overhanging braid to the back of the piece of felt and stitch down so that this will be enclosed neatly within the gingerbread man when it is completed. Repeat this on the other leg and both arms.Gingerbread guide with Annie Lancaster

Now put the two pieces of felt together with the wrong sides facing. Thread your needle with three strands of white thread and begin to stitch the two pieces of your gingerbread man together using blanket stitch (see stitch diagram). Start at the bottom and work your way around. When you reach the top of his head insert a 20cm length of red ribbon which has been folded over to form a loop. Enclose the raw ends of the ribbon within the head and stitch in place. Continue stitching around the edge, leaving a 5cm gap at the bottom.

Stuff your gingerbread man using small pieces of toy stuffing until it is quite firm. Close the remaining 5cm with blanket stitch.

Your gingerbread man is finished !

See you next month, Love Annie

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