Top 10 tips – What to do in Halifax during the half term holidays February 2017 

Often, it’s lovely to be at home and for the children to play with their toys and family during the holidays.  But some days you may need to work and others you want to ‘just go out’.  Why not look at some of the links below for ideas to keep you and your family entertained this week?

Number 1 – Calderdale Councils guide to activities for all ages of children is called Do Something.  There are swimming pool times, Holiday club information, Park and Library activities in here. Do-something-February-to-April-2017

Number 2 – Another Calderdale Council guide about the nature reserves and parkland areas in our district. Why not choose a place you haven’t been to before and go on an adventure?

Number 3.  The Halifax Central Initiative has a weekly newsletter you can sign up to advising you of activities involving the central Halifax Community.  Next week there’s a Bird Box making activity on Wednesday in People’s Park.  Look at the link for the details and more.

Number 4.  There’s a whole weeks’ worth of half term activities going on at The Orange Box in half term for children of 11+.  Its Carnival time!  It looks amazing!

Number 5. The Halifax North and East blog offers a variety of activities to keep your family entertained!

Number 6. For Dinosaur loving children why not take them to the theatre to meet the Jurassic Dinosaurs! It’s on Feb 26th, after the half term hols, a reward for good half term behaviour maybe?!

Number 7.  The news from Calderdale Lower Valley tells you all sorts about local activities down the valley, there’s canoeing for girls, wheelchair sports, craft sessions, all sorts!

Number 8. On Friday 24th February you can take the kids to see Finding Dory & to play with Lego at The Square Chapel in Halifax.  For further info, please follow the link

Number 9.  Why not visit Eureka? Even if you’ve been before, this interactive educational museum is fun for children and you’ll be supporting a charity too.  They always have fun holiday activities for children and have a train cabin to accommodate those of that prefer indoor picnics! Your ticket lasts for 12 months so it’s good value.

Number 10. We’re lucky that the Council look after some amazing public buildings to visit. Here’s my choices for the holidays –

  • Visit the Bankfield Museum and see the Wild West Cowboys and Indians exhibition. The museum always has a free children’s Trail to take you on a tour of the permanent displays too.  It’s free!

  • Also, Shibden Hall and park are great to re-visit. The Hall also allows you to use the same ticket for the rest of the year, great value for money.

Please let us know on facebook of any other places you like to visit with your families!