This month, the CEO of The Piece Hall Trust, and recent winner of Business Woman of the Year award, has kindly agreed to share a little about herself with SGD readers.

Nicky Chance-Thompson accepted the mammoth task of guiding the final preparations to get the Piece Hall ready for opening in August 2017, managing this in a matter of months!

Since then, there have been a raft of awards won for the building, other team members of the Trust and Council and also, for Nicky herself.

The Piece Hall Trust is a charity; the building has become an amazing indie retail area, unique entertainment space and remains a historic monument. How does Nicky manage our national treasure as well as fit in the role of Lady Mayoress of Halifax 2018/9 and live a normal life too?!


Having worked in London and other big towns, what inspires you about Halifax? 

The people, the landscape and the quality of life. How lucky are we to live in a town surrounded by such beautiful countryside? It’s also bursting with creative talent and I’m so glad that this is now being more recognised nationally.


How, in the past 12 months, have you managed to juggle work, any social life and fulfil the role as Lady Mayoress? 

My social life has been pretty much non-existent but I’ve enjoyed being Mayoress and supporting Marcus in his role as Mayor. I’ve got to know about the wonderful and kind communities of Calderdale and it’s made me fall in love with it even more. The job is very demanding but I’ve made it work as it’s so important and I just love The Piece Hall.


As CEO of the Piece Hall Trust, what has been the most enjoyable time so far? 

Meeting royalty and working with a fantastic team and tenants. It’s a real privilege to have such great colleagues and we are doing great; my thanks to each and every one of you. It’s been a challenge taking everyone on this journey because the ambition is far greater than the Piece Hall that people might remember from the past. This is a transformational project and about far more than the square that is The Piece Hall.


My daughter would like to know of your favourite TV programme when you were 10!

It was Grange Hill.


What’s your favourite music?

All music! I love classical and modern. I’m a musician so I can’t settle on one genre. Ask Mark at Loafers my taste is eclectic.


How are your dogs?

They are very grumpy with us right now but still seem to love us unconditionally. They have been very understanding this year. I’m looking forward to spending more time with them. And my cat Tom.


And finally, your advice to an aspiring business woman regarding what to focus on in a predominantly male environment?

Build great supportive networks, always be yourself and remember it’s ok to be different.  We have different strengths. Together #wecan


Many thanks to Nicky for taking time out to answer our eclectic set of questions.


As a family, we love the Piece Hall.  We enjoy supporting the businesses, attending events, and talked no end about the positivity it’s adding to our town. There are many ways people can choose to support The Piece Hall Trust: Volunteer your time, make a donation, become a member, sponsor an event or become a corporate member.  For more information go to


The Piece Hall has a huge variety of events planned for 2019, visit the website, Facebook page or visit the Welcome desk below the South Gate to find out which event you’re going to see, we might well see you there! 😊