Most charities rely on word of mouth and acts of generosity to ensure they can deliver their vital services. One of the most creative charities in our area is Overgate Hospice who touch an incredible amount of people’s lives and do such a tremendous service.

This month, Richard Durgan from Zenith Independent Wealth Management, who is known for his generosity to local causes and sports, decided to get a little creative too. Richard has included his latest leaflet with this month’s magazine and when we discussed what was featured we noticed that the back of the leaflet would be blank. As quick as a flash, Richard agreed it would be a great idea to be able to “donate” that space to a local cause so they could benefit by reaching 8000 homes and almost 20,000 readers for free.

‘I know lots of charities are struggling at the moment, the pandemic is making fundraising a massive challenge for so many’, said Richard ‘I chose Overgate Hospice as I understand how many people really need their services for both inpatient and day care services, every day of the week’.

Becki Marren, Business Partnerships Manager at Overgate Hospice was over the moon with the donation ‘this is a huge help to us we are really wanting to reach people with our campaigns at the moment and are struggling!’.

As a regular advertiser your monthly community magazine, Richard understands the rewards of boosting the visibility of his successful business, with leaflet distribution.  It’s a great way for new and regular advertiser to share new information and raise the profile of his financial management company. The A5 double sided leaflet will be designed, printed and delivered to 8000 homes by Skircoat Green Directory.

To find out how you can support Overgate Hospice visit or