This month, as we head towards Christmas, I have designed four lovely cards you can make. I love to receive hand-made cards, and always display them in pride of place. I always keep them after Christmas too, putting them in a special box when the rest of my cards head for the recycling bin !

The project I have designed for you this month doesn’t actually involve any stitching as I’ve just used paper, buttons and glue. You could, however, take the same designs to make cards using fabric and thread if you prefer.

You will need :-

The templates printed on this page

Pack of A5 blank cards

Assorted Christmassy papers/card (packs of these are available at shops such as The Range and The Works)

Tracing paper

PVA glue

Assorted buttons


Sharp scissors

Narrow ribbon



To make cards :-

Lay your tracing paper over this page and trace the design outlines. Cut out these templates. Choose a suitably patterned Christmas paper and place the templates onto the paper, draw round the shapes and cut them out.

Bauble :-

Stick your bauble shape in decorative paper onto the front of your blank card, towards the bottom. Decorate the shape by glueing sequins onto the bauble.

Cut a length of narrow ribbon which will reach from the top of your bauble to the top of your card and 2cm beyond. Glue the ribbon onto the card and fold 2cm over to the reverse side and glue down for a neat finish. Make a bow with another length of ribbon and glue this to the top of the bauble.


Glue your tree shape onto a blank card. Decorate by sticking toning or contrasting buttons and sequins onto the tree shape. If you want you could put a button or sequin on the top of the tree.

Christmas Stocking :-

Cut out the main stocking shape and stick onto a blank card. Cut a short length of ribbon, fold in half and glue to the top of the stocking as a hanger.

Cut the stocking top, toe and heel from a contrasting colour of paper. Glue the top piece over the raw edges of the ribbon hanger to neaten, embellish with a button. Glue the toe and heel in place as shown on the picture of the card.

Wreath :-

Cut out the wreath shape and glue to a blank card. Embellish by gluing contrasting buttons to your wreath. Finish off with a ribbon bow at the top.

I hope you enjoy having a bit of fun making these cards, and I’m sure people will enjoy receiving them !

Have a happy Christmas ! Love Annie

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