On Thursday, November 2nd at the Places Scrutiny Panel we heard the case presented by Cllr Thompson on behalf of the residents in relation to a petition of over 500 signatures for improved road safety on Copley Lane.  I am pleased to inform that it was agreed to look at several issues which in the short to medium term will make a difference.

  • A 3 Tonnes Weight Restriction with flexibility for buses and waste collection vehicles.
  •  The creation of safer pedestrian walking areas by use of what are called Armadillos which will keep cars off the walking areas which presently are only marked by white lines and ignored by traffic
  • looking again at the possibility of one-way traffic.
  •  Installation of double yellow lines to stop parking down Copley Lane
  • Alternative entrance via new footpath to Copley School new build.

In the longer term highways will fully investigate the costs of a pedestrian bridge attached to narrow railway bridge. By having the project cost and ready it will be in place when and if national funding can be obtained.

I know we all would like a footbridge but the estimated cost of £0.5 million is such the council would not be able to fund from local highways budgets and will need national funding. It was agreed the council would have a shovel ready project to enable bidding when national funding becomes available.

I am happy the council is now going to look at cost effective actions to reduce the risks in the short term and would like to thank my colleagues on the Places Scrutiny Panel, Councillor Thompson who presented on behalf myself & residents,   Councillor Barry Collins as portfolio holder for his support and Steven Lee head of highways. It was a very good constructive meeting which I am confident will result in improved road safety on Copley Lane.

Cllr. Andrew Tagg
Skircoat Ward Calderdale MBC
Tel +44(0)7715121272

Councillor Tagg has expressed his pleasure at the outcome and has thanked residents for their help and patience in this important local issue.