It all started with an officer of the Duke of Wellington’s regiment, who in 1887 asked “Anyone for tennis?” Major C Conor was a keen tennis player and his enthusiasm for the sport promoted a move to form a tennis club which, over 130 years later, is a thriving Sports Club providing super facilities for Squash and Tennis as well as having a state of art gym. The club has around 750 members of all ages and abilities.

It was at a special meeting at the Drill Hall in Halifax on February 12th 1887 that the club was formed and as it was Queen Victoria’s jubilee year the club was called Queens Sports Club.

The annual subscription was 21 shillings (£1.05 ) for gentlemen and 10 Shillings and sixpence for Ladies!

The club was based originally at Craven Lodge, Parkinson Lane, which was short lived as the land was needed for building. The club moved to its present location by leasing land off Savile Park Road with a loan from the Union Bank of £200.  The first World War had a dramatic effect as membership drained away to the western front. At the end of 1916 the club had only 15 men left and they guaranteed to give £5 each to keep the club going.

The club has produced many successful players over the years and is known for its friendly but competitive spirit.

Queens was one of the first tennis clubs to build squash courts with courts opening in January 13th 1938. There are now 5 Squash courts and 6 outdoor and 2 indoor Tennis courts to play on.

A landmark in the clubs’ history was in April 1996 when the Courtside Gym opened. Not like other gym’s, Queens modelled the gym on being a very friendly and family orientated place to enjoy the facilities that help make our members fit and healthy. Brian Raynor has been involved from the very start and is still seen most days giving one to one special stretching and exercise sessions to lots of members.

Queens also has a lovely welcoming Bar and Veranda from which members can have a nice relaxing drink and watch the tennis below.  Our Club Bar facilities are open to members of the public, for free, should you wish to celebrate a special event.

Watch out for our special promotions at Heath Pharmacy, just below the club and Skircoat Green Post Office.

Our motto has never been more appropriate now as lockdown is soon to be a thing of the past.


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