Will you stand on the side-lines or have your say on the future of Calderdale?

No one can deny that Calderdale Council and Government are investing massively in the area, in fact we understand that a staggering £150m is being spent on projects right on our doorstep.

Inevitably this leads to cries of “Where did the money go?” or talks of White Elephants.

To give Calderdale council their due, they are actually consulting on the thoughts of businesses around some key infrastructure areas, mainly:

*   Housing

*   Employment

*   Infrastructure

*   Open Spaces

Hearing business owners and leaders thoughts on the draft plans will directly shape the future planning decisions

You have until Friday 29th September to review the plans and they are housed at www.calderdale.gov.uk/localplan<https://calderdale.evolutive.co.uk/eNews.aspx?sid=138645&surl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.calderdale.gov.uk%2Flocalplan>

If you are strapped for time, you may want to focus on 4 key chapters:

The policies include:

*   Chapter 7 on Sites for Employment, which shows where potential sites have been allocated to meet future employment requirements

*   Chapter 13 on Infrastructure and Master Planning, including a detailed policy to address what future development might look like, taking into account the need to retain an area’s character or mitigate a potential increase in traffic.

*   Chapter 14 on Employment and the Economy, which aims to stimulate sustainable and diverse economic growth across Calderdale, creating new jobs through the allocation of new employment sites and safeguarding existing land and premises in established employment areas.

*   Chapter 15 on Retailing and Town Centres, which includes policies to make sure that Calderdale’s centres remain vibrant and dynamic places to visit.

Take a look and be sure to leave a comment below

I am looking forward to a very bright future for our town, albeit after a little infrastructure-led disruption


Lee Kenny

[email protected]