Why do women find it hard to talk about achievement? Why, more than 100 years after women won the right to vote, are they still reluctant to say they are proud?


These questions were debated alongside readings and wine in a relaxed event on Wednesday 9th of March to celebrate International Women’s Day, when Halifax’s Piece Hall hosted the launch of a new book, 100 Voices at the Book Corner.   


The book was created by Halifax resident Miranda Roszkowski and is a bold and inspiring anthology of women sharing their stories of achievement. From making lemon curd to completing a marathon, or the story of a refugee eating English food for the first time, 100 Voices encourages women to give themselves permission to be proud – and loud about it.


The book features a foreword from Deborah Frances-White of the Guilty Feminist and contributors from across the country. We were treated to 3 of the contributors reading their work. Manchester’s Joanna Howard told of managing her life with twins in a comic and heart-warming reading, before Bradford’s Sharena Lee Satti read her rousing poem about a moment that changed her life. Miranda Roszkowski, who has recently moved to Halifax, spoke of the importance of hearing new and different stories.


 “100 Voices has something for everyone, it’s 400 pages of inspiration,” she said. “As a newcomer I am so happy the Book Corner hosted the launch – there are so many inspiring women all over Halifax.”


The audience were generous and enthusiastic,  “I like how you can dip into the book”, said someone who had bought the book the previous day and managed to read half already! 

100 Voices celebrates women’s remarkable resilience, creativity and above all, ambition. We would recommend it! Get your copy from the Book Corner, or in all good bookshops.